Restore Master From Backup

There are a few posts running around talking about restoring master from backup. Thomas LaRock has a fantastic "How To: Restore The Master Database In SQL Server 2012" post. It's very well organized and has a lot of great examples and directions. SQLSkills also has a survey up referring to a survey about restoring or rebuilding master. I'm really curious what their post will entail.

I'm going to throw something in the hat here. It's not as detailed as what you'd see from SQLRockstar or SQLSkills. This is a document I put together about a year ago for my group so that when we had to restore from master, someone had a step by step on how to do so.

The word doc is located here.

This is not a training item or a deep dive into how the rebuilds are done and how you can map the stars with them. This is just simply a doc that you throw in your Disaster Recovery Plan folder and let it collect dust until something major happens. If your people know where you keep this... hopefully the instructions are simple enough that they can follow it. You may modify it some to fit your org better.

This is simply a run doc that sits and collects dust until a fire brews. Have your people do the training, have them read through SQLRockstar's post. It's great. Keep this document on the file share so if they forget ,you won't need to search through websites trying to remember something you've done once or twice a career.

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