New Baby Girl!

On the 7th of January, 2014 my baby girl Kaitlyn was born. She came in about a month early.

This is my mother and my wife using face time so that my sick grandmother can see the new grand baby. It wasn't an intentional 4 generation picture.

Sleep exists... but only for the one that cries the loudest. I swear she can cry and snore at the same time. She's personally adorable. She's got two older sisters who seem both interested and afraid of the "crying burrito". 

A lot of my friends have said that you cannot be prepared for a newborn, you can only try. I was also told to sleep any chance I got just in case. So far though... she's fussy a little on eating, but she's sleeping well and not overly crying.

This year is starting off rather well so far. She's healthy and happy. The wife is doing well now. We didn't get attacked by snowmagedon. Lot's of good things so far. I'll be back with more posts once things calm down. For now though, I'm going to take a short break. If she's realllly good, I'll be back next week. ^.^

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