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This is a question I had until I came across a great script by The Scripting Guys. The script below is unaltered and entirely their creation. I just found it useful enough to forward it along. This is a short post. Prepping for a baby on the way has cut into my sleep. ^.^

select 'table_name'=object_name(i.id) 
from    sys.sysindexes i 
        ,sys.filegroups f 
        ,sys.database_files d 
        ,sys.data_spaces s 
where objectproperty(i.id,'IsUserTable') = 1 
and f.data_space_id = i.groupid 
and f.data_space_id = d.data_space_id 
and f.data_space_id = s.data_space_id 
order by f.name,object_name(i.id),groupid 

SQLSoldier wrote a post recently on how DMV's cost him his job by helping him find a better one. I found it rather interesting and thought I should forward it along. A similar situation happened when the company I was with showed no interest in providing better training, adjusting pay any, and was overall just difficult to get a hold of. I was a contractor working as a DBA. A good friend of mine had an opening where he worked and I ran for happier times. Some times the grass really is greener.

There's an older post (2007) about joins. Let me say first, I'm not a coder. I've worked with some Java, C++, VB, and obviously T-SQL. I always prefer a visual I can work with or semi working code to build off of. Coding Horror had a post explaining SQL joins visually. It's worth looking into.

Don't forget! SQL Saturday Albuquerque is coming up!

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