Final Giveaway And Some Stats

Today I'm honored to give the final prize in a month of free giveaways here, the book; Professional SQL Server 2012 Internals and Troubleshooting to Robert! I have been lucky enough to give away 4 months of PluralSight to Komal, Annapu Reddy Gayathri, Aadhar Joshi, and Daniel.

Things I've Learned Blogging

This is my 40th post so far. I've noticed that most of my audience is coming from India at almost a 2 to 1 ratio over America. I think that's amazing. I honestly thought it would take months or even a year for this to be read out of the states.

Most of my readers come on around 0600 Central time and again around 1400 Central time. I'm not sure if it's just that time of day or what. I normally schedule my post to show up at 0300 or 0500. I only post after that on days I'm announcing something such as a winner.

I don't think I can maintain a post a day and have anything worth reading. I Plan to do a Monday, Wednesday release with an optional Friday. I'm the sole poster on this site and that takes a tole. I know the wife is tired of hearing, "I plan on working some tonight". I'd like to get a second person who's interested in posting on here sooner or later. Maybe even guest posts. I wouldn't mind hosting a few posts for someone who wants to tell the world something interesting but doesn't want to start a blog.

Commentators and people in general are not that vicious. I was honestly nervous when this blog started getting posted to SQL Server Central. I was expecting some negative feed back such as my information was wrong, too low level, basic stuff, or even just not needed. Instead I've gotten a rather good response and helpful advice. Anyone who's considering writing... go for it.

Thank you all for your support. Next week I'll get back to more technical posts. I really appreciate the people who have come here, who have decided to start following the site and those that commented. Even if it was just to win something. ^.^


All opinions welcome! Please comment with any changes thoughts or discussion points.