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I've read a lot of 'about me' pages... I've decided I don't understand them. I've worked in the IT industry for 10 years. I've passed my MCITP 2008 and my MCSE 2012 for SQL Server for what that's worth. My contact E-Mail is here, my twitter account is here.  I think that's the normal statement we look for.

Basically, I'm a father of 3, I have a beautiful wife at home to make sure I don't screw up anything at the house and more pets than the local zoo. I enjoy fishing, biking (the motor type), and hammocks... also long walks on the beach! I love SQL. I love computers in general. The thing I like most is that us computer people... we're not exactly normal. That's a great thing.

This will update as I learn what I'm doing wrong... but then again, we all go back and fix our old code yes?...Right?  'crickets'

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