To All Recruiters - Canned Emails Kill Kittens: Day 9

Small disclaimer

I'm going to file this one under rant. Let me first say that there are some wonderful recruiting agencies out there. In OKC there are actually a few. Two specifically stick out as they've helped our SQL community without asking for much spotlight time. I would highly recommend GDH Consulting. Travis Warner has been an excellent host and very good to us. Augustine Wiah from TekSystems has shown a genuine interest in making a better link here and helping get rid of some of the bad blood between IT and consulting in general.

With the niceties covered...

Why... Why do I get 10 E-Mails a day blind marked asking If I'm interested in a fantastic help desk position? the exact quote is below:

"I am interested in speaking with you as I have been impressed with your Help Desk experience.   I have helped countless professionals advance their career with top companies and wanted to have a conversation with you.   Please give me a call at the number below or just reply to this email and let me know a good time to reach out to you."

Don't get me wrong. I love having help desks. The great ones are essential for any business. There is no way my help desk experience is impressive. I've got SA background, DBA background, Security background... Why target me for a help desk?

Now, now... I know. It was an email with a great generated response canned in there with just my name auto filled into the TO: line and the Subject: line. Still, this is the entirety of my complaint! They want a number, meet time, face time, new resume that they can forward along... and we still don't get anything semi personalized? At least skim the E-Mail before you send it.

We can help the healing begin...

This post was supposed to be about what DMV's I think are very useful. Instead I choose to rant. Oh well, I'll just get that post out later. You all could post any recruiter horror stories you may have. Come on, let it out.

Don't forget! only two more Mondays left this month! That means two more prizes!

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