Talk Your Boss Into A Free Lunch and Giveaways!: Day 6

Monday Giveaway!

It's Monday again! I know we all hate Mondays, but let's have a Fun Monday!It's another week to give away a free month of Pluralsight! We've had Two Winners so far! Today is chance number three! Remember, you need to post here with an E-Mail address either on the site or in your profile so I can give you the prize. Moving on....

Free Lunch From Your Boss?! No Way..

With all these lunch webcasts, why not talk your boss into letting you watch them in a meeting room once or twice a week? Let's throw a twist in it. Ask if they'd consider inviting the Devs and DBAs into a conference room for their lunch and throw some cheap pizza at them. Think about it!? We can start building a stronger bridge between our groups and get free training for us at the cost of 6 meat lovers and a veggie pizza for Steve! Second thought, how about some ribs?

How Can We Hide The Cost?

We can mark this one under a training budget, personal development, group building or a number of things. Maybe you could even get them to bill HR for the pizza or ribs since we're creating harmony in the work place. There are plenty of places to get free webcasts live for your group. You can also play some canned old ones for your group. There's a good list of free webcasts and videos Here.

Gather Around, Group Hug!

I'm not talking about badgering your boss  into giving you free food, but it's something you can bring up as a good idea. You're a team player, one that's interested in making your co-workers better. Show it off! This can stair-step you into asking for room and board to get to SQL Saturdays or even to get into the Summit! Getting these lunch meetings together is a great way to share what you learn when you get back. Don't forget to give out some swag you got. It helps the team be happier you got to go instead of just sad they didn't.

Here's a good one for comments! Free PluralSight account for the comment I pull out of the hat. How about you tell me how you get your boss to cover expenses. Do you get a free lunch? How about just mileage to get to training out of state? Maybe even just a packed lunch? A bit of a left turn, but if your company doesn't help promote you, you might consider using that network you've been building to get that job you really want.


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    Thanks in advance, for doing such a wonderful activity and sharing with the other developers.

  2. please add me to the list
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    1. That makes two in the hat for Wednesday!

  3. Group hugs! Merry X-Mas everyone!

    -OU Truth Seeker

  4. Will give the team/cross-team building tact a shot...

    mmcdonald1 {{at}} gmail <> com

    1. If nothing else, getting your groups together can fix a lot of problems. DBA's and Devs don't have to be at war. ^.^


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