Keeping Up With Training: Day 5

Let's keep this talk going about what you can do. We know I'm rather big on user groups and SQL Saturdays... I also love books, virtual chapters and most online training. I still have another give away for this coming Monday. It's a free month of PluralSight. I think it's great training. I even have a whole post of training. Let's get more to the point.

How Do You Train?

I prefer to have some good music on when I'm working. I love to have music up on my phone, SQL on one screen and a bunch of powerpoints or blogs up on the other. If it's a more targeted SQL training item, I tend to put it on one screen and keep the blogs to a minimum using them only to support what I'm looking up.

When Do You Train?

I get much more out of my mornings. I tend to get more writing done and videos watched. As far as making code work... I tend to build things closer to the end of the day or right before bed. The tired stress seems to help me push stuff out faster. I'll correct my mistakes in the morning. ^.^;

Ideal Conditions?

I think this is dependent on the person. I prefer a warm hammock, a tablet with some videos and a cold drink in the summer. The next best is sitting at my desk with a game on one screen, video on another and notes I'm taking on the last. I don't know why, splitting my thinking tends to make me rewind and watch a video a few times. It's perfectly normal to want a single screen or TV and some quite time. I just don't function like that.

Do You Do Best In A Group?

Why not set that training video up in the conference and have a Tuesday / Thursday lunch meeting and get some training done? Who can complain that you and the Devs are training together in the conference room? It'll be such a strange sight that they'll all just avoid that area for fear war will break out. It's a great way to find some common ground and figure out how your co-workers think on both sides.

How Do You Train?

Feedback is key to me knowing the working world as a whole! Help me out here.

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