Christmas Day Winner and RDC Clients: Day 13

Finally we'll see who won the final training prize! The winner is Komal! Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to everyone! The free book post is going up Dec 30th and the free book winner will be announced New Years day! As always, I will need an E-Mail to do the drawing and you will need to give me your shipping address if you win. For anyone who lives outside of continental US, you're welcome to keep your name in the hat for the final prize this month. I will be sending a 25$ Amazon gift card in place of the book due to high shipping costs.

Server Access Anywhere!

There was a post recently about remote connections from phones. That got me thinking. I tend to keep a stronger set of RDC type tools than most people do. I like toys, I think that's the simple answer. The long one is that I like the convenience of being at my Sisters watching a movie with all our families and fixing the server without driving in. This will be a short list today.

Remote connections

You can get these a couple of ways. The free ways is to be aware of the fast food places around. Other places have internet for free... but we all know where the McDonald's is. The places I've seen around here that have free internet would be as follows; Denny's, IHoP, Starbucks, McDonald's, Library, Panera Bread, Steak n' Shake, Taco Bell, A & W, and a number of other places.

The one's I'm familiar with that are more portable but not free would be Wireless Hot Spots and just getting a wireless tether app on your phone.

Remote Programs

What to use to get in? The main two I'm familiar with are LogMeIn and Splashtop. There's also the normal Remote Desktop Connection, but most of those require a VPN for work and I haven't found a good VPN for a phone yet. I normally log in to my home desktop through splashtop and remote my server if it's just starting a job. If I need to do a bit more work, I tend to lean towards LogMeIn and break out the tablet.

This is just a small list of what I use to make my life easier. I hope it makes your life easier as well.

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