I'm Speaking at SQL Saturday Houston, May 10th.

I will be speaking at my first SQL Saturday. I'll be in Houston May 10th. I'm rather surprised to be honest. No, I don't have that sinking feeling that my presentation isn't good enough or that I'll show up at the event in my underwear with everyone laughing... those fears will come the few nights before. Honestly it's just because this is the first SQL Saturday I've ever submitted too. I expected to see rejections the first few times.

I have submitted to 4 SQL Saturdays this year. I will be submitting to a 5th once they solidify the date. My hopes were to speak at one event at least. I'm rather ecstatic. I would be happy to present at each and every one of them. (I'm sure the shine will wear off in time) My presentation will be on Fill Factor: Performance or Nuisance? The premise behind this presentation is not a deep dive into how the internals work. It's more built around why the changes matter, how they impact the system and how it can or cannot help. 

I'd be happy to see you all out there! I'm hoping to get out and meet more people. So far my interactions with SQL Saturdays is making sure the rooms are ready, tables setup, cookies in the speakers room... that sort of thing. It'll be a little strange seeing it from the other side.

I've written before about the list if things I'm taking with me to make sure everything works. My list has both grown and shrunk. Below is the list of what I'm planning on taking. If you have any suggestions, I'd be more than happy to listen!

Presentation Items:
Laptop and power cord.
Spare laptop (eventually something more like the Surface Pro... but for now just a spare laptop)
DVI to VGA converter
USB to DVI/HDMI converter
USB backup of my presentations, databases and installs
External mouse/Presentation mouse (I still need to pick one up... and soon)
Wireless Hotspot (Just in case)
Print outs of the slides in case the projector has issues( Thanks Andy Yun!)

Travel Items:
Extra complete change of clothes including shoes. Changes of clothes = Days Traveling +1
Travel toothpaste/brush
Power inverted (car)
Refrigerated cooler (car)
Travel pillow (plane)
Bathing suit
Cash: Tolls + 1 Tank of gas

I think that about covers everything. I'm not entirely sure. Any other suggestions?


  1. Anonymous7/4/14 11:39

    Houston can be unbearably HOT, I did not see "Cargo shorts" on your list. . .

    1. I live in Oklahoma, anything under 95 is "nice" ^.^

  2. Anonymous7/5/14 09:00

    Too bad it wasn't Austin. I would've gone down there for the event......and for the girls. =)


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