Free Month To PluralSight!

Free Month of PluralSight!

Ok, personally this is pretty cool. www.SQLSkills.com is giving away a free month to pluralsight! Well, let me rephrase a bit. They're giving away a free month of PluralSight to people who run a bit of code on their SQL Server(2005 and up) for 24 hours. The code and full post is here. I understand that they're essentially paying us for a 24 hour snippet of data but look at all the rewards? We get 30 days of PluralSight and a free second opinion oh what those wait stats should mean to us. 

They have said that they only have a limited supply. I submitted my own results and I received the code within about 2 minutes of sending the E-Mail. I personally got a subscription to PluralSight during Black Friday where they had a rather large discount for a year. I have one single code that I do not need and I'd like to hear from someone learning that doesn't have a server they can use to take hold of this great offer SQLSkills is hosting. 

I'd like to donate my key to you.

I'll draw the name out of a hat before the end of the day. I'm looking for people who need a key and don't have a server to use. 

I think this is great and would like to commend all of our SQL Blog posters who give away training for free. They've gone a step further and given away access to training that has other peoples training as well for free. 


  1. Anonymous25/2/14 20:57

    Please add me to the list.
    email address: chennareddykesavareddy@yahoo.in

    1. Congratulations! As the one and only person to comment, you won by a landslide! The e-mail containing the key was sent just now.

    2. Anonymous12/3/14 07:48

      LOL!!!! I bet there are a lot of people looking at your site that don't even comment on your articles. like me lol

  2. any one-month-free pluralsight key left? can I have one
    email: csckeyx@yahoo.com

    1. As I get them, I give them away. If you keep an eye out, I'll work on getting more to give away.

  3. Anonymous21/4/14 03:18

    Please add me on the list
    email address : siphesihle777@gmail.com


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